Buildings - like cars and people - require maintenance and the occasional surgery to live long, productive lives. At a time when we are all looking at preventative care or restoration or repair, and considering that 90% of the a building's cost occurs during operations, we thought we would take this month to provide you with solutions for extending the life and efficiency of your building. Each of the articles below details a specific project’s initiatives to extend the life cycle of a building and one set of solutions for saving money or energy once a building is in operation.

The Empire State Building Retrofit
This world famous office building is currently undergoing a deep energy retrofit to reduce energy consumption by 38% and increase tenant quality...more
Building 2.0
This research project is monumental in its attempt to harness the power of building performance data and make that data usable for the building community and the end user…more
Facilities Management 
Arguably the most important element in extending the life of your building, proper Facilities Management (FM) can save you millions of dollars…more

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