The typical contractor, owner, architect, engineer or subcontractor has spent decades mastering the skill of meeting contractual minimums. They contort to only execute the letter of the law. Yet, at a most unlikely time, a special class of AECO professional is emerging across the country; they (Tocci likes to think we are among them!) are elevating the traditional “standard of care.”

Following their example, should owners expect more? Can work be highly collaborative within traditional contract types? Is there such a thing as outcome-based project delivery that sets aside the excruciating detail of ‘Contract Documents’? We think so, but you don’t have to take our word for it; take a look at these firms.
Moore Lindner Engineering
Headquartered in North Carolina, Moore Lindner is revolutionizing construction documents and optimizing the Building Information Model for GC and Subcontractor use...more
An EMCOR Company, and an industry leader in BIM utilization, Dynalectric is doing modeling and digital analysis for everything – including components that aren’t even part of their scope...more
DPR Construction
Ranked among the top 50 general contractors in the country, DPR is transforming the building process with techniques such as: a “Big Room”, full team Value Stream Mapping and Direct Digital Exchange on a Sutter Health project...more

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