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Project Annoucement: Monarch on the Merrimack

Tocci has recently begun work on a new historical renovation project: Monarch on the... Read More [+]

Enthalpy Wheels!

This article came to us today via Green Source. It discusses enthalpy wheels, a... Read More [+]

Random Coolness

There has been a lot of coolness floating around here lately. This is one... Read More [+]
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TocciToday Feb. 2010 – Becoming the Builder of the Future

We talk a lot about the future of our industry here at Tocci. Many... Read More [+]

Sustainability & LEED Training

As a new decade dawns in the 21st century, it has become apparent that... Read More [+]

Please join us in supporting Boston AIDS Africa

Hairlosstreament is passionate about giving back to the communities we build in... Read More [+]

Design We Love: Smart Design

Dwell recently posted a video about Smart Design: a product, interactive and brand design... Read More [+]
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Autodesk Plays Cards with Tocci VDC Team

Last week Autodesk’s AEC software development team came into Tocci headquarters to observe our... Read More [+]
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Tocci's Process for Dealing with Existing Conditions

Check out Tocci’s unique approach to existing conditions: Read More [+]

Design We Love – Dror

That’s right, Dror (not Dior, although there is nothing wrong with Dior). Dror Benshetrit... Read More [+]
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TocciToday Jan. 2010 – Cool Architects Part III

Our first 2010 issue of TocciToday features the last installment of our “Cool Architect”... Read More [+]
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Tocci Project Featured on the Cover of Construction Executive

Tocci’s Autodesk IPD project was featured in a cover story of Construction Executive in... Read More [+]