Tocci Bulletin

The Scoop: Big Cities. Micro-Living.

As cities become more densely populated, space is at an all time premium. The... Read More [+]

Out of the Office + Onto the Jobsite

Tocci’s Cost Engineering interns headed out of the office last Friday for a jobsite... Read More [+]

The Scoop: 2015 World’s Fair in Milan

The first world’s fair took place in London in 1851. These fairs have been... Read More [+]

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the vainest one of all? As if we needed... Read More [+]

The Scoop: What will they 3D Print next?

As 3D printing technology advances, the more creative individuals have become about the kinds... Read More [+]

2015 American Dream Awards

Each year Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston presents the American Dream Award to individuals... Read More [+]

My Take on the 2015 SCUP Conference

As Tocci continues to grow into the higher education markets, I felt it would... Read More [+]

The Scoop: Contain Yourself Part 2

Picking-up where we left off on Contain Yourself Part 1, that focused on some... Read More [+]

Amy and Lila Venture to Ometepe

The last day Amy West and Lila Tocci were in Nicaragua they traveled with... Read More [+]

Amy and Lila travel to Nicaragua

Boy With A Ball is a nonprofit working to improve communities by developing young... Read More [+]

A Day in the Life of our Safety Director

A Day in the Life of Chuck Rosenthall, our Safety Director. We reached out... Read More [+]

Belle of the Ball: Boutique Day

Anton’s Cleaners founded the Belle of the Ball program in 2005 with a mission... Read More [+]

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