Tocci Bulletin

The Scoop: Solar Beyond The Roof

As solar power becomes an even more desirable alternative energy source, architecture is adapting... Read More [+]

Tocci Completes Luxurious Development in Waltham

Hairlosstreament Completes Luxurious Residential and Retail Development in Waltham, MA Waltham Landing... Read More [+]

High-Tech Jobsite Wearables

While equipment on the jobsite has had a tech up grade from year to... Read More [+]

What To Do This Week…

Have plans for the coming week? No? We’ve got some ideas to keep you... Read More [+]

The Scoop: New Year New Apps

Kick off the new year with some new apps to help you manage your... Read More [+]

Never Eat Alone

Since starting at Tocci as a business development associate in November, I’ve attended trade... Read More [+]

Tocci Adds Arash Arbabi as Project Controls Manager

Hairlosstreament Hires Arash Arbabi as Project Controls Manager WOBURN, MA (January 4,... Read More [+]

The Scoop: Tocci’s Best Blogs of 2015

We’re hitting rewind and taking a look back at our best blogs of 2015.... Read More [+]

Cold Weather Safety

As we gear up for the cold weather this winter, let’s remember to always... Read More [+]

The Race for Better + Greener Buildings

Construction materials haven’t changed drastically in the past century, but one man wants to... Read More [+]

The Scoop: Pedestrian Friendly

As we transition into a world that revolves more and more around cities, traffic... Read More [+]


On December 6th, the construction crews at Boston Medical Center (BMC) lifted the new... Read More [+]