Engage the audience, speak with conviction, elaborate with clarity; this is what runs through my mind as I prepare my 8-minute speech. I have a speaking role this week. This is just one speech of ten that I have to deliver in order to complete the course.

That’s right, a public speaking course—daunting I know. But this course is different. It’s called Toastmasters International, and it’s a worldwide nonprofit educational organization that seeks to…

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Station Row is a 260,000 square foot six story residential multifamily community located in downtown Providence, RI. The project is currently targeted for completion in the fall of 2018. Superintendent, Matt Neel, gave us the scoop.

The sixth floor of the North end of the building is being erected with roof truss preparations being made; roofing is scheduled to follow. The fourth floor walls of the South end of the building are being erected…

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Last Friday, Tocci’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Manager and I met with a group of graduate students at MIT Center for Real Estate (MITCRE) and gave a lecture titled “The Impact of Time on the Financial Nature of Development Projects”.

MITCRE brings together a wide variety of students from all around the world with education and work experience in four major backgrounds: finance, architecture, engineering and brokerage. These students came to our lecture with…

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Coppersmith Village is comprised of a five story midrise building and 15 townhouses. Phase 1 of this East Boston project focuses on excavation, concrete, and utilities. Field Engineer, Shaun McDonnell gave us the scoop:

Excavation continues for underground MEPs on the midrise and foundations at the townhouses. The midrise water main has been tapped and brought into the building. Additionally, the midrise recharge system is scheduled to start this week.

On the concrete side,…

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Con-Tech at Large

Con-Tech At Large

Construction Technology (ConTech) has been growing at an ever-rapid pace, but are the hundreds of iterations of tech viable? This is a question many have pondered as $1.08B has been invested in the space in the last 4 years with $433 million this year to date. This can potentially provide $1.6 trillion in value to the construction industry and increase productivity by 50-60%, according to a McKinsey study [1]. Venture capitalist (VC)…

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