Our 120 key, eight story hotel in Providence is coming along nicely. To find out more about the recent progress, we spoke with our Senior Project Manager, Taj Goodpaster:

Hilton Homewood Suites Providence is progressing at a nice pace. Structural steel is expected to be completed next week with concrete decks being poured directly after. Once the 3rd floor deck is done, the CMU elevator shaft will be constructed up to the roof.

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This week we visited our various departments to ask a single question: What is an integral element within your role here at Tocci that people may not be aware of? Here’s what we found out.

People don’t realize…


…we are constantly working on a multiple jobs at once. Our time sheets are incredibly meticulous because we alternate projects depending on what is needed. This is interesting because we get to touch base on…

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88 Wareham Street is a mixed use, 27 unit building in the South End of Boston. We spoke with Cost Engineer, Joe Flaherty, to get the scoop on its recent progress:

This tight site requires careful logistics planning. As it also abuts another active construction site which included the demolition of an existing building, certain work such as the demolition had to be completed before any work at 88 Wareham Street could start. We…

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In a time when building codes and construction methods produce buildings that are perfectly level, plumb and square, I miss the comfortable imperfections of the past. It’s not that I’m knocking today’s construction, but I find it hard to imagine that in a hundred years buildings will have the same character as historical buildings do now. Will they still be as perfect then as they are now? Will future generations look fondly at steel beams,…

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Last night Berkeley Investments hosted a team appreciation event to celebrate the progress made so far at The Graphic and the exciting development still to come. Berkeley and ICON have been great to work with and we have been making some great progress onsite. Superintendent, Paul Powers, got us up to speed on this recent progress:

“The Graphic is a two-building residential development for Berkeley Investments in Charlestown, MA. The first building is a 100-year-old,…

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