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Green Building

Builders are constructing more energy efficient projects now than ever before, giving rise to the popularity of the “Green Building”. There are many different certifications a building can acquire to be considered a “green”. One of the more renowned organizations, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), gives out LEED (Leadership in Engineering, Environmental, and Design) certificates to those who qualify.

These certified buildings are ranked by four classifications: certified, silver, gold, and platinum. Platinum…

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The New England Patriots pride themselves on their ability to recruit team members who can fill multiple roles effectively. Pat’s fans remember when wide receiver Troy Brown played cornerback when needed, or when linebacker Mike Vrabel would morph into a tight end and snag touchdowns. These players had to be versatile to help the team. In construction, we’re doing the same thing.

I spend part of my time as field super, and part of my…

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It is well known that the Romans were great engineers and their structures have withstood the test of time. Through a millennia of battles to the erosive footsteps at the center of worldtourism, the roadways, temples, and ancient super-structures of the far reaching empire are holding up remarkably well.

In a recent study researchers from Italy and the United States analyzed each Mediterranean port constructed of Opus Caementicium (…or Roman concrete, whichever you prefer). All around…

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At the end of June, our project, 3 Journal Square Residences, opened its doors to residents in Jersey City, NJ. At 13 stories tall, this mid-rise building was built atop an existing four story parking structure. During the early stages, laser scanning was used to document and evaluate the structural elements of the parking garage that the building would be constructed upon. The scan proved to be a valuable tool in communicating the project to…

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I’ve been donating blood for over ten years. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who is both willing and able to donate. Half of that statement wasn’t always true, but I was quickly able to toss my needle-phobia out the window once I did some research. Just simply knowing that a single donation could save one life (or even several) was reason enough to put my fears aside. The need for blood donations…

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