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Next week is , May 1-5. In addition to our Safety Director’s regularly schedule Toolbox Talks, we have guest speakers and other safety related events for each of our jobsites. To get us ready for Safety Week, let’s take a look back at some of our best safety blogs.

#1 – The Role of Safety in Trade Partner Selection

#2 – Cold Weather Safety


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Here at Tocci, Virtual Design & Construction techniques are implemented in our daily management tasks to deliver high-quality projects. Through our utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we drive collaboration between trade contractors, management, and the Owner.

In one of our current projects in Jersey City, New Jersey, we used BIM to produce a 3D panoramic visualization of two key spaces in the 17-story mixed use project. Below are a few annotated screenshots from the…

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Project closeout is typically thought of as the last phase of the project life cycle – before the Owner utilizes the project for its intended purpose. Common examples of project closeout documents include, but are not limited to, record drawings, special or extended warranty statements, operational and maintenance (O+M) manuals and owner / system training sessions.

Generally, the project closeout process consists of administrative or procedural requirements which are set forth in the project’s contract…

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Compliance means conforming to laws, rules and regulations. In the construction industry, compliance can refer to requirements, or goals, placed on an Owner/Developer by a government or funding entity as a condition of project development or term of a tax abatement or credit. Some of these requirements flow down to CM/GCs, and their trade partners, in the form of obligations designed to improve community social and economic conditions through:

  • contracting with small, local and/or…

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I think it’s safe to say that I have three babies – my three year old, my nine month old, and shared custody of Tocci’s Intern Program. As important as it is for us to teach our children to become humble, bright individuals eager for the next opportunity, we must also carry this approach through when onboarding young adults into today’s working world. We can make this possible through proper teaching, not just by-the-books teaching,…

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