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I’ve been donating blood for over ten years. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who is both willing and able to donate. Half of that statement wasn’t always true, but I was quickly able to toss my needle-phobia out the window once I did some research. Just simply knowing that a single donation could save one life (or even several) was reason enough to put my fears aside. The need for blood donations…

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Last week I attended and presented at this year’s Facades+ Boston event — a one-day symposium and trade show focused on the importance of high performance envelope design in the AEC Industry.


The first half of the day featured three engaging panel discussions.

Panel 1 – Expanding the Envelope: Generating Urban Data for Responsive Design:

This group of panelists urged the importance of data, tech innovation, and digital equity in the Boston built environment. Capturing…

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Why do we have a canteen truck on nearly all of our job sites? The only answer is convenience. The food isn’t cheap, and it isn’t very good – or good for you. Yet at noon when the truck rolls onto the job site and honks its horn, most workers on the site flock to grab a bite–the easiest and most logical option for lunch – the truck is right there! Why bother preparing food…

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In less than two weeks our own Kyle Martin will be leading a at Facades+ Boston. The Dynamo add-in for Revit is an emerging tool in AEC industry that allows expanded control and automation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows. Dynamo is also revolutionizing interoperability among disparate software programs and dissolving traditional barriers between designers, engineers, and contractors. This hands-on workshop will introduce attendees to the visual programming…

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Through the month of April and beginning of May, Tocci has been collecting books for More Than Words (MTW). “At More Than Words, youth run two bookstores, a café, and an online bookselling business where they gaining critical life skills and resume-building experience.” MTW operates out of two locations, Waltham and South Boston. Today we had the opportunity to drop off over 200 books and take a tour of the Waltham facility. Dean, one of…

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