What you studied in school might not be what you practice at work. This is common not only in construction, but in many other fields across the board. This has lead to sort of a culture shock for many recent graduates, no matter how much they are warned. My advice – being of this demographic – would be not to shun it, but to embrace it.

Having studied civil engineering, a common feeder into…

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People often say there is not enough time to get everything done. Could your workday be more productive if you had been multitasking? Would the quality of the work be significantly decreased? Only 2% of the population can multitask, which is defined as the ability to perform two or more tasks simultaneously (Gupta, 2016). The rest of us are shifting focus exceedingly fast, as fast as a tenth of a second (Gupta, 2016). “For the…

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After a busy few months, we were able to celebrate the topping off at 88 Wareham Street last week. At the Topping Off Ceremony we had the team sign and raise the final beam to celebrate the near completion of the steel erection and the hard work of the entire team.

Progress on site is moving along smoothly now that the winter weather is mostly behind us. Steel erection is expecting to be completed this…

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Tocci attended the 2018 MBI (Modular Building Institute) annual conference in Hollywood, Florida this past month. The conference has grown over thirty years – 850 people showed up (owners, architects, engineers, modular fabricators, suppliers, and general contractors + construction managers) to hear what’s new in modular.

Here’s a few things I found interesting:

The United States is late to the modular game

Japan, Sweden, England, and Canada are far in front of the US when…

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On Tuesday, March 20th Dan Arenz, Arash Arbabi & I attended the Co-Op + Career Fair at Wentworth. The Career Fair is a great opportunity to meet potential co-op candidates and educate students on what Tocci’s co-op program has to offer. It is a great chance for us to get face to face with students and explain to them the many types of projects we are working on, as well as give them a real…

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