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Tocci is all about improving the process of working together. Good teamwork requires clear communication, so we've highlighted some important links for our major stakeholders.
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This week we checked in on one of our local projects: 645 Summer Street. Located on the Boston Waterfront, this commercial project has been making loads of progress. Assistant Superintendent, Justin Morgan, gave us the scoop:

Phase 1 of this project focuses on the renovation of the east facade, roof replacement, and selective interior demolition. The existing precast panels were relocated to reflect the new facade design. A new TPO roof and skylights were…

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“What is that racket and when will it stop!” – Construction in Boston.

It’s rarely a pretty affair, but as the saying goes, “You’ve got to crack a few eggs in order to make an omelet.” The biggest “egg cracker” is often right in the beginning of a project when you must pound sheeting and wood piles into the ground to support the foundation, and eventually, the building.

Much of the glorious city…

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Our second-floor conference room is one of the main features of our historic building. With a corrugated metal ceiling, an automated garage door, and floor to ceiling window panes, the room makes quite a statement. We had just one issue: the blinds. While they typically did their job, at various times in the day strong rays pierced the blinds, making it difficult to see. During one of our recent Lunch + Learns- (an internal event…

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This week we checked in on one of our local projects: 88 Wareham Street. Located in the South End of Boston, this residential project will boast an automated parking system. We spoke with the project team to learn more about it:

The 7,300 square foot parking space will hold 45 vehicles at full capacity. This system is approximately 60% more efficient than a standard parking garage, making this a pretty slick system.

A self…

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At the last Orgill Event, Habitat raised $50,000 to help build housing and create a pathway to home ownership for low-income families in Greater Boston. Orgill is a huge hardware trade show at Boston’s Expo Center in the Seaport. After the show many vendors donate their goods for Habitat Boston to sell in their ReStore.

That’s where the volunteers come in—loading and shrink-wrapping pallets.
Who knew that packing up donations is really creative problem…

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