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Coppersmith Village is comprised of a five story midrise building and 15 townhouses. Phase 1 of this East Boston project focuses on excavation, concrete, and utilities. Field Engineer, Shaun McDonnell gave us the scoop:

Excavation continues for underground MEPs on the midrise and foundations at the townhouses. The midrise water main has been tapped and brought into the building. Additionally, the midrise recharge system is scheduled to start this week.

On the concrete side,…

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Con-Tech at Large

Con-Tech At Large

Construction Technology (ConTech) has been growing at an ever-rapid pace, but are the hundreds of iterations of tech viable? This is a question many have pondered as $1.08B has been invested in the space in the last 4 years with $433 million this year to date. This can potentially provide $1.6 trillion in value to the construction industry and increase productivity by 50-60%, according to a McKinsey study [1]. Venture capitalist (VC)…

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From Business Development to Modeling: My Night at the IIDA Fashion Show

I’m about to step out from the safety of 40-foot curtains and walk onto a fully lit fashion runway. I am wearing a carpet. I have dark solar film sun glasses covering my eyes. I have plastic welding rod wrapped around my left arm and both ankles. My face is painted with pink, blue, gold, and silver eye shadow. My hair is pink….

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IT may not be everyone’s niche, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t utilize the best softwares out there! AirServer is a great example of a software that’s both user friendly and extremely handy to have.

AirServer is an advanced screen mirroring software receiver for Mac and PCs. It allows you to mirror your device’s display using the built in AirPlay, Google Cast, or Miracast. Still not sure exactly what it does or what it’s used…

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Yesterday Tocci partook in the official groundbreaking of the new Hilton Homewood Suites Hotel in Downtown Providence, RI. This is Tocci’s third project building for First Bristol Corporation. Additionally, we look forward to collaborating with ZDS as we continue to make progress on this site.

The 120 key, eight story facility will include dual elevators servicing all eight floors, a first floor parking garage, a second floor lobby, registration and meeting rooms, and a…

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