This is a sneak peek at our most recently completed project Osprey Cove East. This project is the second phase of our previously completed project Harmon Cove also known as Osprey Cove. Scroll down for a look inside and check out our portfolio page for more information on the project!

As a millennial, I’m told a lot about what I want. Panelists at year-end or year-beginning forecast-networking-events explain to me and my multi-generational colleagues that I want to be walking distance to a train station, and surrounded by friends, and that I value experiences over things. Accurate. They tell me that I am young, industrious, educated, adventurous, and I have certain needs called amenities.

If you really want to attract millennials to your buildings, you…

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While you think about what to do this coming week, check out these events and grab some fresh air. If you like finding out about different events and new places to go, leave us a comment or share via social media. To check out what else is happening at Tocci or in the news, visit the rest of our website!

What To Celebrate…

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Tocci recently completed the 130-key Homewood Suite hotel in Brookline, MA. The site is located along Route 9 abutting the D Green Line. Let’s take a look back from start to finish!


In Progress


There is more to attending a conference than showing up. What can be done before or after a conference that can further develop or improve the experience?

  1. Expected outcomes: Are you looking for new business, interested in catching up with a former colleague, learning about a new topic? Before attending a conference develop a plan with Marketing, Business Development (BD), and any other attendees. If you are sponsoring the conference, determine the goal and…

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