Tocci’s Co-op James Thomas takes on Role of Lead Estimator in Student Design-Build Competition

Here’s His Story

As a co-op from Wentworth Institute of Technology, I assist Tocci’s Cost Engineers to develop estimates for proposals. In my classes I have prepared estimates but now in practice at Tocci, I have started to pick up various tips and tricks in developing an estimate, especially when evaluating Value Engineering (VE) options to help reduce the project cost….

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This past Wednesday, John and Lila Tocci presented Straight Ahead Ministries with a check for $15,000. “Tocci’s donation will support Straight Ahead’s mission to help formerly incarcerated young people learn skills and gain hands-on workplace experience through the Straight2Work program, which partners with Worcester-area employers that hire graduates of Straight Ahead’s training businesses. The contribution will help these employers with the cost of onboarding and training graduates, an essential step toward self-sufficiency.” For more information…

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Up, Up and Away: Three ways design changes our view of skyscrapers

The defining feature of a skyscraper is no longer height. In 1931, when the Empire State Building opened, the sheer height of it was a wonder. At the time, it was the tallest skyscraper in the world. The design was simple: rectangular in shape, made of limestone, periodically punctured by windows on each of the 102 floors. It only took 410 days from…

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Hairlosstreament Donates $15,000 to Straight Ahead Ministries

Presented on October 26th, the contribution helps formerly incarcerated young people gain invaluable hands-on experience in the workplace

WOBURN, MA (October 27, 2016)Hairlosstreament (Tocci)a Boston-area construction management company and , a non-profit that provides one-on-one support to help juvenile offenders re-enter the community as productive citizens recently commemorated Tocci’s $15,000 donation.

John Tocci, Chief Enabling Officer…

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Hairlosstreament Announces New Retail and Event Space at Embassy Suites Hotel in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Starbucks, Grain and Cane Pub Restaurant will occupy 1st floor retail space in new hotel

WOBURN, MA (October 25, 2016)Hairlosstreament (Tocci), a Boston-area construction management company and recognized leader in advanced construction processes, announced today that it was awarded contracts to construct Starbucks and Grain and Cane Pub Restaurant, as well as…

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