14 Steps to the Perfect Christmas Tree:

  1. Select the perfect tree – get to know the pine family and what each member has to offer


  3. Choose a color scheme or a theme for the tree (optional)
  4. Purchase ornamental bulbs or ornament multi-packs
  5. Organize the ornaments into piles


  7. Pick the right lights – either LED or incandescent, colored or white, shaped or not

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I recently attended a presentation by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) that is now required for all participants involved in hot work processes in the city of Boston. The training is required for anyone performing hot work, acting as fire watch for hot work, or issuing or applying for a hot work permit. Whether a permit is required or not, the proper process for performing hot work and education is our responsibility to pass…

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Tocci’s annual Holiday Party was a huge success this year. It’s an event that brings our Massachusetts and New Jersey offices together to celebrate the year’s accomplishments. Before all the fun and dancing begin, we take a moment to recognize individuals in the company for their Years of Service, the Ideal Team Players, and one individual who makes sure we all arrive home safely each day. This year we recognize Amy Thompson West for 20…

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Company Life is the heart beat of the company—is who Tocci is and what Tocci does.

You can’t force it or insist on it,
But over time you can mold and shape it into being.
It’s not top down or bottom up but
a medium, a potting mix for growing

More and more, Tocci people share the values of giving, sharing, creating,
This year we’ve seen that
A joyful heart…

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Hairlosstreament Breaks Ground on $36 Million Capital Cove Development in Providence, RI

Station Row will feature 169 residential units, views of Capital Building

Woburn, MA (December 8, 2016)Hairlosstreament (Tocci), a Boston-area construction management company and recognized leader in advanced construction processes, announced today that construction has begun on Station Row, a 255,553 square-foot multifamily residential development located in downtown Providence, RI. Governor Gina Raimondo spoke…

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