VDC Process Update

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The Tocci VDC group continues its implementation of Virtual Construction by utilizing models in the field.

The group plans to provide both material quantities and 3D views of upcoming work to field staff. It is anticipated that this information will reduce on site waste and prevent field issues.

This process will be utilized on upcoming projects, with current efforts being focused on Capitol Cove and the Starwood hotels.

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BIMForum News Item

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The BIMForum met last week in Boston, MA for its first standalone working meeting. The 100+ attendees represented practically every sector of the industry: builders, designers, engineers, lawyers, owners, professors, software vendors, and subcontractors.

The focus of this meeting was working on projects that will support industry-wide implementation. Each subforum spent the better part of the 2 days working on their specific projects, then came together at the end of meeting to inform the other…

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“Tocci’s Laura Handler, virtual design and construction planner, is energized by the synergy saying, ‘It is exciting to see subs collaborating so closely, being charged by the process – working in unison to resolve installation design, clash, and space issues. We are going to walk away from the coordination process assured that field installations will run smoothly.”

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“It may sound a little weird the first time you say it, but get used to it: BIM. You say it like the name Tim. It’s got numerous other names: virtual design and construction, virtual building, buildingSmart, integrated practice, integrated project delivery.

The names may be different but they mean the same thing for commercial construction: the death of waste.”

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After completing the models of all of the systems, the Capitol Cove VDC team has focused their attention primarily on MEP coordination.

At this point, the subcontractors have approved the coordination solution for the first two levels. Despite tight plenum clearances, the floors were coordinated without soffits or a significant number of penetrations. According to Jaime MacFall, the Virtual Construction Coordinator on the project, “The timing of the coordination was such that we were…

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