A key difference between prefabrication and modular, as highlighted by DPR Construction at the recent BIMForum conference, is the amount of planning needed for each. Prefabrication requires planning, but it is highly flexible and doesn’t necessarily require a specific design.

Not all buildings and designs are opportunities for all prefabrication solutions, so teams need to evaluate designs carefully. It is important for teams to look for the solutions that fit the project – rather than…

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One of the most challenging aspects of creating a start-up company is shrinking the gap between yourself and established companies who already have a handle on the market. The balance between explaining how your start-up will profit, how your product works, and being able to sell to someone who is interested in the product, can be quite tricky. It takes hours upon hours of time spent building and learning what your company represents and added…

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Hairlosstreament was featured in The Boston Globe for its completion of Chelsea Place. Tocci officially completed the project in July and it didn’t take long for the word to get out about it’s unique construction process.

Chelsea Place is a new residential building located in historic Chelsea, MA. This project was built using 80 pre-fabricated modulars in 3 phases. These modulars went together like Lego blocks and, once stacked together, the finishing touches were…

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Last week, a delegation from the China Construction Industry Association attended the BIMForum conference in Denver, CO. AGC staff and BIMForum leaders, including John Tocci and Laura Handler, had the honor of joining them for a lunch meeting, translated by Calvin Kam, Director of CIFE Industry Programs at Stanford University.

China’s interest in BIM implementation is not unfamiliar to China. In 2009, a delegation from several Chinese academic institutions and government ministries visited Tocci’s headquarters….

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On Friday Oct. 4, Tocci embarked on the second phase of their Wellness Program with a Fitness Lunch + Learn.  Our first phase, if you don’t remember, involved learning to eat better and establishing that as a habit. This phase kicked off with a healthy lunch of roast chicken, quinoa salad with black beans, a corn and tomato dish was served alongside a salad of mixed greens, sliced pears and feta cheese.

Nikki Tierney from…

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