Starting Colo: The Soft Start

Not sure how to kickoff colocation? Dave Pilcher, Assistant Project Manager, gives an overview of an informal kickoff. Stay tuned for his next blog post, on a more formal way to kickoff colocation.

Last week, my project team got together for an informal start to colocation AKA colo soft start. The participants included the construction team, key subcontractors (project managers from HVAC, Sheet Metal, Fire Protection, and Plumbing), and engineers.

After brief team introductions, the group split up by discipline for a detailed review of the design development to date. Each group used a combination of paper drawings and model to acquaint the subcontractors to the building as well as the documents. We also took advantage of the opportunity to address other topics:

  • Safety: Drug testing requirements and jobsite safety procedures
  • BIM Execution Plan: a brief review to understand technical protocols
  • Schedule: Trade contractor submittal schedules and upcoming colocation activities

Overall, it was a successful day. Smiling faces in the room indicates that the design, construction, and subcontractor team are eager to get going. I know I am!

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