Project Announcement: New Street Residences

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Tocci is pleased to announce the award of New Street Residences, designed by Khalsa Design, Inc., a flexible residential project in Cambridge, MA.


A creative response to the volatile housing market, New Street Residences is a collection of adaptable homes that can react to rapid changes in the marketplace (i.e. Rental vs. condo, number of bedrooms etc.). When sold as condos, each unit can be customized to a particular resident’s lifestyle requirements. Here is just a brief list of the key features in this project:

High quality construction: Tocci’s VDC Process (built first in a virtual world before bringing it to the field) combined with the use of factory-built modular systems delivers higher quality construction in a lean, efficient, hyper-accurate manner. Tocci will work closely with the modular subcontractor, incorporating the collaborative concepts of IPD, as detailed here.

Enhanced choice: Residents can select and customize their floor plan due to the carefully designed flex-wall system. Other flexible options are lifestyle solutions and finish materials.

Sustainable: The New Street Residences will feature third-party-certified high performance (energy efficiency, healthy interiors, minimal waste).

Technology: The backbone of the residences is web-based services. Voice over IP and network digital TV are included in every unit, along with digital entertainment upgrade packages.

Community:  Community-friendly amenities will be created by the community, for the community. Public spaces will be designed by residences, based on the interaction they want.

After the completion of New Street Residences, AbodeZ LLC, a development services spinoff from Oaktree Development founded by Oaktree partner Ling Yi Liu, plans on rolling out similar developments throughout New England.

New Street Residences in Cambridge is slated to break ground October 1, 2009. The team has opted to leverage BIM-enabled factory-built modules to reduce overall construction duration, so that units are available to market July 1, 2010.

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