Design We Love (To Eat)

Design We Love meets our love for ice cream! Jeremy Garczynski, VDC Modeler shares his thoughts on a trend he’s noticed in the fro-yo industry – modern forms, contemporary colors, and of course, delicious treats:

Upon visiting Pink Berry (admittedly) for the first-time this weekend, I was struck by a recurring theme in frozen treat eateries. The lean toward the modern use of materials and furnishings while at the same time applying contemporary colors to create a playful yet clean aesthetic. Chill’s (Brighton, MA) crisp graphics and very cool millwork wall matches their motto: “stress free yogurt”. Pink Berry makes color very prominent through their plastic wall feature, while recessing lights to not disrupt the plane of the ceiling. Berryline prefers to highlight their frozen treats with simple white finishes and millwork. All three brands use furniture with personality: simple forms combined with dynamic texture (whether weaving, wood grain, or web-like). These aren’t the only examples of this phenomena, it’s prevalent throughout the fro-yo industry. Whether there’s an unspoken rule among Frozen Yogurt restaurateurs or not, each design soothes and refreshes consumers, much like the treats we go there for!

(If you’re curious which fro-yo to indulge in, check out Daily Obsession’s thoughts here.)

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