Architectural Meltdown

Thoughts from Tocci’s team on Salon’s recent article on “the architecture meltdown”.

Moises Berrun

The overall tone of the article rings familiar. Sometimes I feel the hierarchical structure of architecture is unnecessary, especially for a profession that has demanded less and less technical skill. In my various experience, the architects I worked for push the technical responsibility onto other registered professionals, i.e. engineers. The profession has trended to value creativity more and more ( a good thing) while still holding on to “dues-paying.” Creativity is often a result of extraordinary risk-taking and it does not fit well with a risk-averse professional path of study. So as the profession ventures more and more into the realm of artistry, I often think one of the problems is relying on the construction cost to determine professional fees, especially for a profession that is less and less knowledgeable of means and methods.

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