Design We Love: Hydroelectric Power Station by Becker Architects

We are builders who love design. There, we said it. We love design beyond a mere knee-jerk aesthetic reaction. We love design because it can push boundaries, ask questions, make us question, and often unearth opportunities that may have otherwise remained dormant. Enter Becker Architect’s latest creation: the hydroelectric power station on the banks of the Iller River in Germany. It’s at this location, and for this specific assignment that an opportunity was unearthed that could have been passed over in favor of another lifeless structure tacked along the water’s edge. Instead, their intervention creates a playful relationship between the existing industrial language while supplementing it’s context with an attractive river walk. The Kempten station replaces an existing hydroelectric plant that dated back to the 1950’s, powering 3,000 households and producing up to 10.5 million kilowatt hours per year.

For a more eloquent and thorough description of this project, head to to read more.

Kudos, Becker Architects. Kudos.

photo © Brigida González

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