VDC in the Field at Autodesk

Tocci Stock

WOBURN, January 5th, 2009 The Autodesk project is driven by VDC-enabled IPD, meaning that a central model facilitates all project activities. Now that construction is underway, the team is using the model to further communicate design intent information to the field team with renderings posted on site, supplemental condition sheets and walk-throughs as needed.

Additionally, the team is using the model to track furniture delivery and installation, using a newly established link between Vela Systems and NavisWorks. The on site team scans workstations as they are delivered, ready to install and installed. As the workstations are scanned, they can also be designated as damaged. This information is compiled in the Vela Systems database and then translated to the NavisWorks model, giving the team a visual representation of the status of furniture installation.

renderInField_01 C:Revit Projects submeetingWmodel adsk_vela_01 adsk_vela_02

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