The Scoop: Becoming Lean Leaders

Today, 11 Tocci employees received their Lean “White Belt”. As a part of our workforce training program, Nick Masci and Kelly Meade of Haley & Aldrich led series of discussions on Lean. Select individuals were tasked to implement Lean across a variety of processes. This helped us learn new tools for analyzing the efficiency of processes, who the stakeholders are and what they do, and to understand the complexity of processes. Through the process of being more Lean, Tocci employees were able to reduce waste, increase value, and respect people. We held a small ceremony to honor those who worked hard to improve processes and those who exemplify and are a leader in using Lean.

The training is funded by a Workforce Training Fund Grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The grant program is administered by the Commonwealth Corporation.

Lean White Belt JV

Jessica received her Lean “White Belt” for her work on improving VDC education in Operations.

Lean White Belt LL

Logan received his “White Belt” for his work on improving the Punchlist Process.

Lean White Belt TG

Tammi received her Lean “White Belt” for assisting all participants in their Lean Journeys.

Lean White Belt BB

Brian spoke briefly on how he and his team use Lean every day.

Lean White Belt group

The Lean “White Belt” recipients.

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