How To Construct The Perfect Christmas Tree…

14 Steps to the Perfect Christmas Tree:

  1. Select the perfect tree – get to know the pine family and what each member has to offer
  2. Christmas Tree Lot

  3. Choose a color scheme or a theme for the tree (optional)
  4. Purchase ornamental bulbs or ornament multi-packs
  5. Organize the ornaments into piles
  6. Ornaments

  7. Pick the right lights – either LED or incandescent, colored or white, shaped or not
  8. Christmas Lights

  9. Select the perfect spot to display the tree – framed by the window, by the fireplace, in the living room, or the family room
  10. Undecorated Christmas Tree

  11. For a more elegant look, put the tree into a watertight planter box instead of a tree stand
  12. Now to begin the decorating, lights go on the tree first. Place the lights a little farther back on the branches to leave room for other decorations
  13. Place the tree topper on the tree next so as not to knock any of the ornaments off later
  14. Tree Topper

  15. As a nice filler for the tree add some garland or a wide ribbon on the tree
  16. Christmas Tree Ribbon

  17. Last go the ornaments; place them at random around the tree with heavier ornaments going on thicker branches – show off the ornaments by placing them near the lights to reflect off the shiny or sparkly surface of the ornaments
  18. Tree Trimming

    Tree Trimming an Annual Tocci Tradition


  19. Step back and evaluate your work
  20. Photograph your tree as a memento or to show off to your friends on instagram
  21. Finally, sit back, kick up your feet and have a drink
  22. Kick Back and Relax

Some extra tips:

  • For artificial trees, press groups of branches together to hold the heavier ornaments or skip the artificial tree all together
  • Feel free to use other décor pieces to supplement the ornaments

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