The Scoop: An Early Thanksgiving

Last Friday, November 13th, Tocci hosted a Thanksgiving Potluck. Each person attending the lunch was asked to make a monetary donation for the , our local food bank. Tocci matched the total collected at the potluck, doubling the employee donation.

For the lunch, Tocci employees brought in various dishes to make a complete Thanksgiving meal including two turkeys, one oven roasted and one fried in our own the backyard, with all of the accompaniments you could imagine. It was wonderful to have everyone come together to eat and chat with staff they don’t see on a regular basis. We can’t wait to do this again next year! Here are some snapshots from the event.

Turkey Frying

Playing it safe with Safety Director Chuck, leads to a deliciously fired turkey

Leftovers for days

Leftovers for days

Thanksgiving Buffet

The full Thanksgiving spread

Good food and good company is what it's all about

Good food and good company is what it’s all about

Filling up with as much food as possible

Filling up with as much food as possible

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