Virtual Design and Construction Training

According to the McGraw Hill Construction’s 2009 BIM Smart Market Report, builders site “marketing new business to clients” as the #1 use of BIM. We disagree.

The reason that Tocci is nationally recognized for our pioneering work with BIM and VDC is because of our use of models in the field. Our original implementation of BIM included Virtual Construction Coordinators navigating and dimensioning models for superintendents and field personnel, but it quickly became clear that our superintendents wanted to do it themselves.  Since then, we’ve trained our superintendents and project management staff to use BIM reviewing software programs. Now, superintendents are becoming capable of grabbing dimensions as they need them and analyzing areas of the model on the fly. These images were taken from a recent training session.


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  1. I would like to learn about the training that is provided by this company on VDC.

    Also tell me about the hands on class around new york area.

    Thank you

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