Tocci’s 8-Week Fitness Challenge

You look good, but are you well?

A Fitness Challenge led by Unleashed Fitness (UFit) of Woburn, a new company with a fresh approach to fitness and workouts comes to Tocci!

UFit’s desire to see clients sustain their health, strength, and fitness for the long haul inspired them to create an eclectic yet authentic approaches to working out. Read more about their story here.

Trainers from UFit met members of Tocci’s Wellness Team to discuss the structure of the Fitness Challenge:  Monday and Thursday lunch time workouts for 8 weeks beginning Oct 16 and ending mid-December.  As an added incentive, Tocci will reimburse employees for their cost if they complete the workout sessions. Tocci is thrilled to support an entrepreneurial venture that’s right here in Woburn.

At a Lunch and Learn last Friday Kerry Kilduff from UFit shared the background and services of their company, as well as the practical aspects of the Fitness Challenge designed for Tocci.

Of course the food was healthy—a salad bar consisting of fresh mixed greens,  grape tomatoes, red pepper slices, artichoke hearts, red onion and topped with proteins: low fat  turkey slices, feta cheese, avocado and chick peas.

Perhaps the best indicator of the Fitness Challenge’s success – lead by example – over half of our Executive Team is participating!

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