The Scoop: Design Exchange Boston 2014

On September 27-28, District Hall in Boston, MA, will be host to a unique and exciting conference, Design Exchange Boston (DxB). This is a two-day design and innovation conference dedicated to celebrating the impact of design. The DxB experience explores the ideas, work, and strategies currently shaping our culture. It’s a conference for all types of design: architecture, engineering, industrial, graphic, user experience, information and digital design. DxB is unique in it’s approach at integrating these design disciplines for the good of design and the good of humans.

Another exciting element to this conference is their social innovation challenge (DxB360). Invited teams will have one day to collaborate and put together some creative approaches before presenting on the DxB mainstage to a panel of judges and a captive audience of design enthusiasts, business and creative professionals and community leaders. The DxB360 Award is given to the team with the most compelling solution. Participants are further rewarded with an unparalleled learning experience and the opportunity to take action on the issues they care about.

This year’s theme is ‘start experimenting’. Whether in music, art, design, tech, architecture, medicine, fashion, travel, government, science, or education, there are some more willing to experiment than others. There are some that lead the way with bold ideas, fierce determination, and the courage to see things differently. They share a willingness to try, and more importantly, a willingness to fail. Ultimately, they share the will to succeed.

I have had so much fun helping to plan and organize this conference. I look forward to hearing from the ‘experimenters’ of Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Pentagram, Spotify, Pintrest, WGBH Boston, Continuum, Alphabet Arm Design, and Mad*Pow (amongst many others). I hope that you will join me on one or both days at District Hall.


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