Design We Love – Dror

That’s right, Dror (not Dior, although there is nothing wrong with Dior). Dror Benshetrit is a product-designer-turned-architect based in NYC. His firm’s services include Product Design, Interior Design, Architectural Design and Art Direction. As diverse as these services are, there is an exquisite quality of elegance and surprise that runs through all of Dror’s work. It is designers like these that stand out because each project takes a form/shape/color/texture that we are accustomed to seeing one way, and twists it around in a new way that gives our brain a little squeal of surprise when we see it.

A description of their work from Dror’s website:

“Dror Benshetrit articulates the complex meaning of objects in the simplest of ways. Their uses become part of their narratives, expressed in transformations that are both metaphorical and literal. One could say he brings poetry to function.” Here are some examples:

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