Old School or New School?

Photography has gone from an art to an everyday tool used via social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Photography is defined as…the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

Let’s get to the goods. Cameras have gone from film to digital to HDR (High Dynamic Range) to 3D to multi-depth (see Lytro). With the incredible pace of technology, we are seeing mobile phones with 20 megapixel capabilities (the Nokia Lumia), HD video recording and on-board editing. So not only can you send text messages and make a few phone calls, you can create and edit a skate video while you wait for your mom to pick you up from school. The tools of the highly-skilled photographer are now found in the pockets of almost every teenager in America.

Don’t like the look of High Definition images and video? Just use the filter included on your phone to make your images look vintage (scratches and discolor included)! If you can remember the look and feel of processed photographs, you know that there isn’t anything quite like it; the texture of the paper, the slight misalignment of colors, the faded look from years up on your grandmother’s wall. Those are long gone with the advent of digital photography. It’s not necessarily a negative thing. Afterwall, we can still get our digital images printed and put into frames.

Big name photographers are still getting gigs shooting for Vanity Fair, Time, and National Geographic. In addition, iPhone only photographers are getting sponsorships, gigs, and fame due to their mobile phone photography; what an odd thought! What used to be defined as art and practice of processing photos is now defined as the art of using your mobile phone?

So the question is this: could you tell the difference between a photograph taken on a cell phone and one taken with a prosumer camera? See the images below and tweet your guesses (phone or camera) to us here.

Inside of a train station

Photo 1

Outside of a theater

Photo 2

Europe rooftops

Photo 3

Facade of a building

Photo 4

Train station interior

Photo 5

Waterways of Venice, Italy

Photo 6

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