Construction Sites as Public Art

Little known fact about Tocci (ok, it might be well known): We LOVE art and design. So of course we were excited to see this article on Fast Company about construction sites becoming natural exhibit spaces for public art.

We have been dressing up our job sites for years now, and not just because its pretty. Job site graphics help draw a community into the project. We often make custom banners and fence wraps to show what the project will look like when its done, or inform the people on the street about the history of the building or neighborhood. Aside from building relationships to the community and making people feel part of the building process, job site graphics often serve a simple logistical service. Guiding pedestrians around hazardous areas, masking the dusk and mess of construction and defining different areas of the project.

A few examples:

On Capitol Cove, a project in downtown Providence that was completed a few months ago, we designed a special fence wrap to tell the history of the site.

On a Crate and Barrel project in Natick, MA completed this summer we made a special interior banner which showed customers in the mall what the new store would look like when completed. We took images right from our Building Information Model (BIM) as well as material quantities.  We were able to add little “fun facts” such as how much wood paneling there was in the new building.

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