The Scoop: Progress at Coppersmith Village

Despite this frigid weather, the team down in East Boston has been carrying on with the progress at Coppersmith Village. We spoke to Superintendent, Sam Mellen, to get the scoop:

At Coppersmith Village all five floors of the midrise building are standing now on both the north and south towers. We are actively installing the south roof framing which is expected to be completed along with the parapet by next week. Additionally, the roof trusses for the north tower are being delivered today. Zip R sheathing is being buttoned up and balconies are being framed on all elevations. We have started to receive our windows, and installation is scheduled to begin next week.

Inside, the plumbing and fire protection rough installations are underway. Down below we are tarping in the ground level for heat which will allow us to place the garage slabs-on-grade, fireproof, and then build the masonry walls. Townhouse foundations are substantially complete and backfill and underground plumbing are underway at the north end of the site with the help of a ground heater. Slab prep and placement will follow and we are scheduled to start wood framing on the first block of townhouses in late January. Meanwhile, we’ve got our fingers crossed that this late December deep freeze is an exception and not the rule for the winter of 2018.

Coppersmith Village Job Site

Coppersmith Village Job Site

Coppersmith Village Job Site

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