The Scoop: Update on Coppersmith Village

Coppersmith Village is comprised of a five story midrise building and 15 townhouses. Phase 1 of this East Boston project focuses on excavation, concrete, and utilities. Field Engineer, Shaun McDonnell gave us the scoop:

Excavation continues for underground MEPs on the midrise and foundations at the townhouses. The midrise water main has been tapped and brought into the building. Additionally, the midrise recharge system is scheduled to start this week.

On the concrete side, the midrise north 2nd floor deck was poured last Thursday. Townhouse foundations are under way and are about 20% complete after a 60 yard pour on Tuesday. The midrise south building 2nd floor wall panels are also complete. Third floor trusses and deck are scheduled to be completed today. Delivery of 2nd floor north midrise wall panels and 3rd floor South wall panels are scheduled for 10/27. Underground MEPs are ongoing in midrise north and south buildings. South midrise CMU shafts are nearing completion and north midrise shafts are moving along.

Coppersmith Village Jobsite

Coppersmith Village Jobsite

Coppersmith Village Jobsite

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