The Scoop: Update on Coppersmith Village

With September right around the corner, progress is ongoing for our project at Coppersmith Village. To keep up with the development on the jobsite, Sam Mellen gave us The Scoop:

The midrise south building foundations are complete. The CMU shafts are up to the steel deck level, and steel erection is underway. The slab pour is scheduled for mid September, and the wood frame will follow.

On the midrise north building, foundations are at 80%, and CMU shafts are underway. Steel erection will progress to this part of the Midrise the first week of September. Utility work is underway with installation of some underground structures complete and connections in the public way scheduled for next week.

On the townhouse parcel, demolition of the three-story brick structure is nearly complete. The balance of the rammed aggregate piers are scheduled to be installed the first week of September with foundation work following immediately behind.

Coppersmith Village Site

Coppersmith Village Site

Coppersmith Village SiteCoppersmith Village Site

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