The Scoop: 3 Journal Square Opens Its Doors

At the end of June, our project, 3 Journal Square Residences, opened its doors to residents in Jersey City, NJ. At 13 stories tall, this mid-rise building was built atop an existing four story parking structure. During the early stages, laser scanning was used to document and evaluate the structural elements of the parking garage that the building would be constructed upon. The scan proved to be a valuable tool in communicating the project to our field crew and providing a reference for existing conditions that needed further detailing by the design team. The new mid-rise tower consists of a structural steel platform base, with prefab light gauge metal framed panels and composite slab system above. The final building includes 240 apartment units, ground level retail, a rooftop terrace area, and residential amenities that include a conference room, lounge, party room, fitness area and outdoor activity spaces.

3JS Exterior
3JS apartment

3JS conference room

3JS amenity space 02

3JS amenity space 01

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