VDC-Driven Project Management: A Case-Study

Here at Tocci, Virtual Design & Construction techniques are implemented in our daily management tasks to deliver high-quality projects. Through our utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we drive collaboration between trade contractors, management, and the Owner.

In one of our current projects in Jersey City, New Jersey, we used BIM to produce a 3D panoramic visualization of two key spaces in the 17-story mixed use project. Below are a few annotated screenshots from the visualizations that highlight how the model was used to coordinate and verify project quality.

 Ground Floor Entry Lobby
3JS Lobby View

  1. Low-wall: A low millwork wall is needed between the curved millwork accent and the lobby desk. The low wall is finished with the same millwork treatment and is used to provide electrical and security capabilities to the front desk.
  2. Storefront steel tube: The span of the storefront assembly is too wide for the storefront system. A steel tube is needed above the revolving door. The added steel tube will change the appearance of the entry storefront system.
  3. Lobby soffit ceiling: The ceiling just above the circular accent seating is not a straight extrusion. The soffit has two diameters, an outer diameter with a 2-1/2” thickness and an inner diameter recessed 12 inches from the outer diameter. The soffit ceiling should appear to “float” just below the main ceiling.
  4. Soffit lighting: The lighting within the soffit ceiling includes more than recessed lighting. There are pendants aligned with the glass accents. The elevation of the pendant lighting corresponds with the height of the glass accent pieces.
  5. Glass accent pieces: A schedule of glass panel dimensions indicating height and width are needed for the glass accents within the lobby seating. The glass as shown was intuited from the elevations and needs to be confirmed by the design team.

 Ground Floor Elevator Entry
Elevator View

  1. Millwork accent: Accent wall adjacent to the elevator entries needs a baseboard detail.
  2. Elevator Entry: The reflective material at the elevator entry accent wall has a blue tint.
  3. Elevator Entry: The baseboard material at the elevator entry accent wall needs to be selected.
  4. Elevator Entry: Confirmation of the tile width at the picture frame wall around the elevator is needed. Should the tile be the full width of the picture frame? The tile joint needs to be confirmed by the design team.
  5. Elevator Entry: Material selection is needed at the “ceiling” of the picture frame.

Ground Floor Party Room
Party Room View

  1. Accent ceiling: The low-ceiling with the room is gypsum. The gypsum is aligned with the exterior millwork frame.
  2. Baseboard: There is no tile baseboard at the columns. The millwork detail extends to the floor.
  3. Built-in seating: A fabric selection is needed for the built-in bench seating.

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