The Power of Networking

Here are the top three real estate associations that I’m a part of, what they stand for, and why you should join.

NAIOP: the National Association of Industrial Office Parks. The organization was created in 1967 by 9 individuals who recognized the need to create a forum for the open exchange of information on development. Today, NAIOP is a leading commercial real estate development association that provides unparalleled networking opportunities, educational programs, research assessing trends, economic vitality, and needs of the built environments.

For the past 4 years I have been part of the Developing Leaders Committee, a group of 35 and under AEC professionals. We meet once a month to plan industry events as well as volunteer efforts. My involvement in NAIOP has allowed me to develop invaluable relationships with industry colleagues from Developing Leaders to C-Level managers.

ULI, or the Urban Land Institute. You may have guessed it from the name, but ULI is about the sharing of best practices for land use. ULI encourages all members to get involved by offering various committees from Young Leaders and Women’s Leadership to Program Oversight and Real Estate Advisory. Additionally, ULI offers many Local Product Councils where members join together to discuss topics that are of professional interest, while helping to achieve the goals of ULI. Councils include: the Housing & Economic Development, the Boston Market Council, Infrastructure, Real Estate Technology and the Urban Development Council.

I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with the Women’s Leadership committee as well as the Young Leaders – both have allowed me to make connections that have led to opportunities professionally and personally.

Last, but certainly not least, is CREW, formerly known as NEWiRE. Whatever name you know it by, it’s an association for my ladies in Real Estate. Commercial Real Estate Women is a national association that promotes the advancement of women within the CRE industry. CREW offers a variety of social and community service activities throughout the year, connecting females in every discipline of the industry. I have participated in CREWs mentor program as well as many of their member lunches. Let’s face it, in a male dominated industry, it is nice to have a focused group for females.

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