Company Life is the Heart Beat

Company Life is the heart beat of the company—is who Tocci is and what Tocci does.

You can’t force it or insist on it,
But over time you can mold and shape it into being.
It’s not top down or bottom up but
a medium, a potting mix for growing

More and more, Tocci people share the values of giving, sharing, creating,
This year we’ve seen that
A joyful heart brings light to the eyes.
A word fitly spoken encourages.
Humility begets humility.
Company Life is about
Giving credit to each other
And lifting someone else’s load for a while
Tocci hungers to stretch the boundaries,
See in a new way and take a new path.
Empathy models caring and compassion.
Company Life celebrates being together
And together we find pleasure in the day
—an upgrade, a shortcut, a basket of clementines
An owner’s thanks for a job well-done.
A trade partner who comes through and completes.
Company Life connects us after the work day is done
At Tocci, Company Life is Who we are and What we do.

Here’s a look back on some of the events that keep our heart beating all year.

Paintball 02


potluck 04

Thanksgiving Potluck

Blood Drive 2016

Blood Drive for Boston Children’s Hospital

mlb games

Yankees v. Mets game for our NJ office and an outing to Fenway to see the Redsox for our Woburn office


National Superhero Day Celebration


Summer BBQs

Sign Making Workshop

Sign Making Workshop

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming an Annual Tocci Tradition

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