We’re on a panel.

I’m a co-chair for ULI’s All Member Meeting presented by the YLG’s titled: It’s happening on the 15th of December, at 6PM. Hope to see you there.

There’s a lot of words and acronyms there, so I’ll define them below:

I’m: me. Bart Tocci.

The Co-Chair: It’s like a chair, but half of one. I’m one leg of the chair. Alexandra Phillips from Stantec is the other leg of the chair. We’re responsible for carrying the event through. ALSO: Two other legs of the chair, but people who aren’t technically chairs, are ULI friends and employees: Ileana Tauscher and Spenser Johnson.

ULI: Urban Land Institute. This non-profit organization cares about all things land. ULI has 40,000 members in 82 nations, so it’s a small community that you can find almost anywhere. It was a great way for me to get connected to the real estate industry.

All Member Meeting: Once a year, around Christmas, there’s a meeting put on by the YLG’s that includes all the ULI members. ULI members include developers, urban planners, engineers, architects, builders, lawyers, property owners, accountants, and more.

YLG: Young Leaders Group. This is a ULI group made up of young professionals who age out at 35. A typical meeting starts at 6PM, in Boston, at a conference table, with beer. Which is really a blessing for everyone.

The topic: We wanted to focus on something that young people are interested in, and something that not-so-young people will also appreciate. We talked about Boston issues that annoyed us: expensive housing, unfortunate transit systems, and the lip-service paid to sustainability. We decided that the last one upset us the most, so we looked for people and organizations that are adopting change in the name of improvement.

So we started asking questions: How can we construct buildings cleaner? Faster? How can we waste less and build more? Why aren’t all windows on the side of highrise buildings half solar panels? (Okay that’s just my question.) If we build together, if we communicate and collaborate, keeping in mind the future residents and owners – the bill payers – shouldn’t we be able to come up with something where everyone wins?

We found five people representing organizations known as early adopters of this new technology and methodology.

John Cannistraro: Cannistraro is moving manufacturing to a factory in Boston’s Seaport where they will implement green building technologies, Lean manufacturing principles and modular building methods.

Bryan Koop: Boston Properties’ new project at 888 Boylston is touted as “the most sustainable building in Boston.” With roof wind turbines, a living wall, and roof terrace covered by solar panels, it’s not hard to see why.

Andrea Love: Payette has a building sciences department that Andrea heads up – every single project through her department to see where and how it can be made more sustainably.

John Tocci: along with numerous LEED certified buildings, Tocci has been implementing modular construction, Integrated Project Delivery, co-location, virtual reality, laser scanning, and more to build projects more precisely, eliminating rework and wasted time and materials. John also knows a chair.

Moderated by Andrea Chegut: From green buildings and data centers to urban food farms and micro-apartments, Andrea looks at the asset pricing, uptake and diffusion of new products in commercial real estate markets.

If you have questions, please feel free to let us know. We hope to see you there.

Register here:

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