What To Do This Week…

Have plans for the coming week? No? We’ve got some ideas to keep you busy and get you out of the house. So while you think about what to do this coming week, check out these events and grab some fresh air. If you like finding out about different events and new places to go, leave us a comment or share via social media. To check out what else is happening at Tocci or in the news, visit the rest of our website!

What to See + Hear…

CambridgeSide brings the summer to a close with a variety of events. The first is a free movie night for the whole family to enjoy and the second is a free live concert series running through the end of September.
CambridgeSide Movie Night
Rockin By The River

Swing by Union Square for the 7th Annual Starlabfest Music + Arts Festival showcasing bands, comedians, and artists as well as local vendors.
Starlab Festival

What to Do with Your Best Four-Legged Friend…

Take in the sunset with your best four-legged friend at Bark in the Park celebrating all the things your dog loves!
Bark In The Park

What to Experience…

King Richard’s Faire, New England’s longest running Renaissance Faire, returns once again to Carver, MA. Immerse yourself in all things Renaissance by seeing knights jousting on horseback and strolling through the 16th century village.
King Richard's Faire

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