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With the weather taking a turn from burning hot to quite pleasant, it’s good to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. To make the most of it, it’s refreshing to having a relaxing place to sit, eat your meals, and just breathe the fresh air. Whether at home or at work incorporating intriguing landscape design helps to make the time spent outside all the better. So while pondering how to improve your outdoor space, here are some ideas to get your creative mind flowing. These designs focus on how to use pavers in a simple yet impactful way to create a foundation or make a statement in your space.

At the Teikyo Heisei University Nakano campus, designers blended the seating into overall scheme by using the same pavers for both foot track and the seating. This created a more seamless design, especially when viewed from above.
Teikyo Heisei University
For Funenpark, the designers show us its okay not to have smooth edges on the overall design. Having the pavers stagger makes the look seem more natural as it reaches into the grass and then recedes again.
To take advantage of the small outdoor space, designer Tom Stuart-Smith integrate a modern look with technology using fibre optics to light the space mimicking the starlit sky above. The clean, winding look of the black granite makes the space feel longer than it actually is.
The Connaught 01
The Connaught 02
Pendleton Design Management proves that pavers don’t have to be stone. They can be other natural materials like logs. In this particular case, cutting the tree segments at various heights allows for creating spaces at multiple elevations and creates continuity throughout the pathways and steps.
Pendleton Design Managment
For The Valley, breaking up the pavers with small stones integrates a subtle design element that holds the look together without physically having the pavers touch in order to make it seamless. Contrasting the colors creates clean lines and ties all of the various elements together while giving it a high quality look.
The Valley

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