What To Do This Week…

Have plans for the coming week? No? We’ve got some ideas to keep you busy and get you out of the house. So while you think about what to do this coming week, check out these events and grab some fresh air. If you like finding out about different events and new places to go, leave us a comment or share via social media. To check out what else is happening at Tocci or in the news, visit the rest of our website!

What to Read…

Stop by Trident for a reading from “Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It” a compilation of essays about journeys inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir Eat, Pray, Love.
Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It

What to Taste…

Spindrift and Night Shift team up to celebrate using real, quality ingredients. The celebration will feature a station where you can create your own Spindrift flavors.
Night Shift Spindrift

What to Hear…

Enjoy the sunset along the Charles River Esplanade while also listening to the Boston Landmarks Orchestra.
Boston Landmarks Orchestra

What to Learn…

It’s a big election year with a big choice to make. Get informed about the US Election Process by attending the Civic Series at the Workbar.
Civic Series

What to See…

Check out some classics and antiques at the Codman Estate Antique Auto Show coming in from all over the region.
New England Auto Show

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