The Scoop: Building A Sand Sculpture

With summer officially started, let’s test your sand sculpting skills. Here are some tips to get you started on your sand sculpture masterpiece when you head to the beach this weekend:

  1. SAND – You can’t build your sculpture unless the sand is wet. When water mixes with sand, it creates liquid “bridges” that hold the sand together. When sand is compacted through tamping (packed down), it can be carved to create incredible detail.
  2. WATER – You can’t add too much water as long as you let the water drain out from the sand. To get an unlimited supply of water, dig a self-replenishing water hole (dig until you reach water).
  3. TOOLS
    • long handled, light weight shove
    • a bucket or two – one for mixing the sand and water and one to carry water
    • carving tools, smoothing and shaping tools – raid the kitchen for old knives, forks and spoons

For information on how to begin building your sand sculpture and the basic building blocks, check out this article from The Guardian.

Check out these awesome sand sculptures for some building inspiration.

Sand Castle 01

Sand Castle 02

Sand Castle 03

Sand Castle 04

Sand Castle 05

Sand Castle 06

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