Learning With A Side Of Lunch

At Tocci we talk a lot about Lunch + Learns (L+L). But what are they?

To entice our fellow employees to learn about new subjects, we wrap learning opportunities into the lunch hour and provide some delicious bites to eat. What better way to learn something new than breaking bread with colleagues?

The subject matter of the L+L’s vary greatly from one to the next. Our Planning and Cost Engineering department regularly holds L+L’s when trade partners want to discuss their newest product or services. Since it’s during lunch, everyone in the office is more available to attend and ask questions. Trade partners are not the only ones who come in to present. We also have outside experts such as the team from Century 21 who recently came to give an L+L on first time home buying. We have a large group of young employees who are looking to make that big first step of buying a home. It’s a daunting task and by having these experts come to our office, they got a chance to hear about the process and ask questions that could be specifically related to their situation. We’ve also had experts in Virtual Reality come in to discuss their 3D technologies and how it applies to our industry.

Waldo Brothers L+L

Waldo Brothers L+L

Additionally, we’ll hold a Lunch and Learn to kickoff a new initiative. We have been teaming with UFit for almost two years now. Each week one of their trainers comes by the office to lead a rigorous workout for those participating in the program. To engage employees and get them excited about the opportunity with UFit, we held a Lunch and Learn to explain the details of the program and allow employees to contribute ideas to make it better. We have also become heavily involved in the Boy with a Ball (BWAB) charity organization. Recently, the founders stopped by our office to discuss their latest endeavor to bring a BWAB branch to Boston. The founders shared their personal story of how they came to start the organization. Being able to interact with them face-to-face in a group setting was very rewarding and energizing.

We also have our own set of experts in house. Two of our Executives have given Lunch and Learns at the request of employees within the office. John Tocci regularly presents on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) at local universities, we thought let’s bring the learning back to the office and have John present this same lecture to the whole company. It gave individuals at all levels an opportunity to learn about this type of Project Delivery that they may not have been involved with before and ask the expert about what makes IPD so impactful. Bud LaRosa, CFO, was asked by the Health and Wellness Committee to discuss Personal Finances. He gave a broad over view of a very complex topic and has encouraged employees to seek him out if they ever have questions. Personal finances can be very stressful and having someone to exchange information with is a huge benefit and a relief.

At Tocci, we are working to foster learning on a regular basis. Whether it’s learning about project delivery in the construction industry or health improvements and stress relief, Lunch + Learns are a great way to provide new information. So, next time you’re ready to share new information, invite everyone to break bread and learn about a new subject or opportunity.

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