The Scoop: Lean Training

We have moved into the second portion of our Workforce Training, which focuses on Lean Training. First, the group learned more about what Lean really is (an approach to increase value, reduce waste, and respect people) and then tools were given to achieve a more Lean way of thinking and doing. Groups completing the training in 2016 have been working closely with Lean consulting experts Nick Masci and Kelly Meade of Haley + Aldrich. With each lesson, we apply new tactics to solving a particular issue that we encounter on a regular basis. In and out of the trainings, individuals flex their brain muscles working through their particular issue. Take a look at all the brainpower hard at work.

The training is funded by a Workforce Training Fund Grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The grant program is administered by the Commonwealth Corporation.

Lean Training 01

Lean Training 03

Lean Training 02

Lean Training 04

Lean Training 08

Lean Training 07

Lean Training 06

Lean Training 05

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  1. Tocci is the most enthusiastic and engaged group I’ve ever worked with! Can’t wait to see these first problem-solving projects come over the finish line.

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