The Scoop: Boston’s Building Boom – Case Study on BMC

On Wednesday, members from the team at Boston Medical Center (BMC) took part in a morning panel to discuss Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Brett Flanders represented Tocci, and sat next to Stacey Yeragotelis from TRO, Chris Hahn from Suffolk, and Brendan Whalen from BMC. They spoke about the process involved in IPD, lessons learned, and the benefits of healthy confrontation. What I took away from it, more than the subject matter, was the example set by the four panelists: all members of different companies, all working for the same goal with the understanding that every win for one group is a win for the other. Sometimes these panels can get awkward – one person hogs the questions, one person wants to tell the audience about my approach and my goals and me me me – this was different. They genuinely liked, respected, and listened to each other.

BMC Bisnow 01
BMC Bisnow 02
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