The Scoop: Project Updates in MA + NJ

This week we are checking in on a few of our jobsites. We reached out to some of our team members working actively at the project sites for an update. Read and take a look at the progress!

65 Grove Street – Watertown, MA

Ken Dubois, Superintendent: Progress is ongoing out at 65 Grove St. Glazing of the final curtain wall will be completed this week. The elevator install is about two weeks away from completion. Tile install has begun at all bathroom groups. The ornamental stairs are in place with concrete infill and railings soon to follow. The site is half paved with the landscaping beginning this week. The HVAC equipment is in the final stages and testing will begin shortly. The underground in the garage is down to about a week and then final gravel install and placement of the slab on grade (SOG) is scheduled for two weeks away. Final cleaning will then begin in about three weeks.


Western Mass Residential Project

Sam Mellen, Assistant Superintendent: The clubhouse at our Western Massachusetts project is open to the public for leasing. The landscaping is complete along the access road and the grass is coming in nicely. Building 1 punch list is well underway and the elevator installer is here and moving quickly. Building 2 interior finishes are progressing well and the stone and vinyl siding are 95% complete. In Building 4, the drywall is complete and flooring, door/trim, and cabinet subs are moving through the building. The siding crew on Building 4 is making good progress. In Building 3, the MEP roughs are done, insulation is complete on two of the floors and sheetrock is past halfway on the fourth floor.


3 Journal Square Plaza – Jersey City, NJ

Tom McInerney, Assistant Project Manager: 3 Journal Square Plaza continues to climb as the 11th floor was poured last week. We are proceeding to stand the 11th floor panels and complete the masonry stairs and elevator core. The exterior envelope is starting to take shape as window washing supports have begun to be installed on the north side of the building and windows installation is proceeding on the 2nd and 3rd floors with units and receptors. Parking level steel work is progressing in addition to the P1 level elevator infill steel erection. The slab for P1 was poured last week and the erection of P2 level steel is currently underway.

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