What To Do This Week…

Have plans for the coming week? No? We’ve got some ideas to keep you busy and get you out of the house. So while you think about what to do this coming week, check out these events and grab some fresh air. If you like finding out about different events and new places to go, leave us a comment or share via social media. To check out what else is happening at Tocci or in the news, visit the rest of our website!

How to Stay Active…

Who needs to sleep in on Saturday when you can get in a free workout and gear up for the Spartan Race.
Spartan Workout

What to Eat…

Get your post workout protein by hopping on over to the greenway for the Spring Food Truck Festival.
Food Truck Festival

What to Learn…

Hear from Rupal Patel on creating synthetic voices for those who cannot speak.
Rupal Patel Synthetic Voices

What to See…

See the very best of paddling films and be inspired to start paddling through your own adventures.
Reel Paddling Film Festival
Reinterpreting art though floral design at the 40th annual spring festival.
Art In Bloom

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