Workforce Training: Leadership

Tocci is the recipient of a two-year grant from the Massachusetts’ Workforce Training Fund to provide our MA-based employees with advanced proficiency in:

  • Leadership,
  • Collaboration,
  • Communication, and
  • Lean Thinking/Construction

Trainers are Bill Ronco, business consultant and principal of Gathering Pace Consulting, and Nick Masci, VP of Lean Construction Consulting with Haley and Aldrich. NJ-based employees will receive similar training provided by Tocci’s Director of Project Management, Jen Heikkinen.


Program Champions

Massachusetts employees are divided into small learning groups to accommodate participation during normal working hours. Groups are comprised of “program champions” charged with mentoring all of us in the use of new SMART thinking skills to achieve high-performance results in all tasks ranging from e-mail construction to building construction.
Training kicked-off on January 25 with Part 1 of a two-part Strategic Planning Workshop. Part 2 was held on February 12. Training workshop participants identified and discussed Tocci Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) and learned techniques that highly successful companies use to close gaps between desired and actual performance. We are already engaged in addressing areas of employee and client service where surveys indicated a satisfaction disconnect between what is currently provided and what is most important to recipients including you. Luckily our “do better” tasks are more about instituting improvements than building ground-up programs.

The 2016 groups started core training on February 16. Core training is a yearlong program incorporating 14-units of Leadership, Collaboration, Communication and Lean Construction instruction and interactive activities.. The first units are all about self-discovery. Everyone has taken the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Test. Everyone is engaged in an individual 360 survey process. Between the MBTI and survey results, each participant is learning more about how their individual characteristics drive work patterns and influence relationships. Mapping all of our MBTI characteristics helps us understand inter-relationships and how that impacts our “corporate” persona.
A majority of us are ESTJ or ISTJ types. ESTJs are characterized as the “Supervisor.” They gravitate toward taking charge and bringing order, structure, and focus to situations. ISTJs are “Inspectors”. They plan and work quietly behind the scenes to bring successful conclusions to projects. A high percentage of engineers, accountants and purchasing managers are either ESTJs or ISTJs. This is a good thing for a Construction Management company. The other types in our firm are highly important too because they balance the company and enable well-rounded “group intelligence.”

The 360 Surveys that each employee has to distribute provides participants with supervisor, peer and professional associate opinions on their communication, leadership and performance skills. The results are usually a mix of “yeah, I knew that about myself”; “wow, that’s a surprise, that’s great!”; and “hmmm, I thought I was doing better in that area.” Taken positively the 360s are a great tool for facilitating the self-improvement that will make us better negotiators, collaborators, planners and communicators. This will feed our collective ability to win and execute the more challenging work we will be building.

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