The Scoop: Laboratory Design Drivers

Laboratory spaces have moved away from the fixed workbenches with storage cabinets and equipment with little to no capacity to hold a meeting or accommodate changes to the evolving discipline. New spaces are now geared toward collaboration and chance encounters that trigger new ideas in order to facilitate innovation. This is especially important for pharmaceutical companies who need to get products to the market faster and faster. This trend has impacted lab design to have more open and flexible space to attract the brightest talent.

According to R&D Magazine, these are four necessities for new lab spaces:

Mobility: Many experiments and bench processes are now automated or mechanized and data generated from these test needs to go beyond the bench and placed online, so experiments can flow smoothly from one process to the next no matter where the next piece of equipment may be.

New work Style Rules: More meeting spaces inside labs in addition to traditional meeting rooms outside the lab allow for increased. This goes along with having longer lab bench areas, to chat with more colleagues and share ideas with those of various backgrounds and disciplines. It’s also important to be able to move freely around the building to find the space that is most conducive to your learning and thinking processes.

Economy and Sustainability: Scientists often prefer working in an environment that is efficient and leaves little impact on the natural world around them. It’s important to have new fume hoods and ducts for linking air contaminates to the rate of air exchange.

Integration of different fields: Providing spaces for multiple disciplines relating to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Programs that speed up research and innovation, such as the growth in translation medicine where bench research is directly connected with healthcare.

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences – East Boothbay, ME


SCION Lab – Rotorua, New Zealand

Sahmri Lab

Sahmri Lab – North Terrace, Adelaide SA

Harry Perkins Research

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research – Perth, Australia

Denver Crime Lab

Denver Crime Lab – Denver, CO

Q State Bioscience

Tocci’s renovating the Q State Bioscience Lab in Cambridge, MA

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