What To Do This Week…

Have plans for the coming week? No? We’ve got some ideas to keep you busy and fill your mind with new information. So while you contemplate what to do this coming week, look into these events to get yourself off the couch and away from the computer. If you like finding out about different events and new places to go, leave us a comment or share via social media. To check out what else is happening at Tocci or in the news, visit the rest of our website!

How to Stay Active…

Exercise your muscles and practice your jumping skills this Sunday at the daylong parkour workshop in Allston. You’ll learn new skills from two elite international instructors hailing from across the pond in the UK.
parkour workshop

What to See…

Both the MFA and the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum are offering free admission in honor or Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Make the most of your day by walking from one museum to the next touring through the rooms of colorful art.

What to Eat…

Join the Saturday night New England Comfort Food Potluck hosted by the Lexington Historical Society. Admission is one dish that serves 6-8 and don’t forget to come hungry to enjoy all the delicious home cooked foods.
New England Comfort Food Potluck - Lexington

What to Learn…


Swing your partner round and round on the dance floor at the Jeannette Neill Dance Studio. Learn some new steps at the Swing 101 beginner friendly class where you’ll the basics of social dancing!
Swing Dance

Where to Socialize…

Show off your newly learned dance moves at the Sam Adams January Open House – Cabin Pack and Jazz. Try a few samplings from their latest Spring Variety Pack with old favorites and a brand new ESB, Session Ale while listening and dancing to the sound of the Rusty Scott Quartet.
Sam Adams Open House

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